Georgia DH Consortium Launch

Welcome to the Georgia Digital Humanities Consortium!

This consortium was born from conversations at the Georgia DH Meetup in December 2016. Participants from across Georgia met to discuss the kinds of projects and resources they are doing or interested in exploring. One of the major themes that emerged was the need for a network of shared resources, information, and contacts that would help each group or institution develop its digital humanities or scholarship initiatives.

We have built this website as a central hub in the DH network that we’re building here in Georgia. The essential function is to provide a directory of people, institutional resources, projects, and more. Another function is our Georgia DH News feed, which collects blog posts from various DH sites and reposts them for some signal boost. If we can all see what is happening across the state, partnerships and sharing are much easier.

Membership is open to all, and with more members, the consortium will flourish.

Please visit the Join page to get started! And if you have comments or suggestions about the site, submit them here.

Georgia Digital Humanities Meetup, December 9, 2016
The Georgia DH Meetup